Streambird DeviceSense is a comprehensive Device Fingerprinting and identification platform that allows web and mobile applications to accurately identify and track devices used to access your application by combining device hardware and software signals. Our device fingerprinting product provides customizable tools to vet devices and build robust device and browser identifiers, enabling fine-grained traffic shaping based on identification information.

In summary, DeviceSense generates a uniquely identified device ID that identifies a user’s device that allows the application to have visibility into all touchpoints of their users.

How it works

To integrate Streambird DeviceSense with your application, you can simply add a JavaScript snippet to your web pages or use our mobile SDK for native apps.

Javascript SDK

Our JavaScript snippet is lightweight and hosted at a worldwide CDN, ensuring optimal performance and user experience. Unlike other solutions that calculate fingerprints in the browser client-side, our agent collects multiple device signals and sends them to our servers, helping prevent reverse engineering and spoofing by advanced bots.

Mobile SDKs

Our mobile SDK supports a wide range of platforms and cross-platform development frameworks, including Android, iOS, tvOS, Android TV.

Authentication Session Integration

We understand that accurately identifying and tracking devices used to access your application is essential for effective traffic shaping and user experience. That’s why we have built-in support for device fingerprinting that enables developers to link device sessions to authentication sessions, providing a seamless experience for users across multiple devices and sessions.

Linking device sessions to authentication sessions can improve security by providing an additional layer of authentication. By requiring a user to link their device to their account, it becomes more difficult for an attacker to gain access to the user’s account from a different device. This can be particularly useful in cases where the user’s credentials may have been compromised or when accessing sensitive information.

Furthermore, device session integration can also enable fine-grained access control. By tracking the devices that a user has linked to their account, it becomes possible to restrict access to specific devices or to limit the number of devices that can be linked to a single account. This can help prevent unauthorized access to user accounts and sensitive information.

Finally, linking device sessions to authentication sessions can enable more accurate tracking and analytics. By associating user actions with specific devices, it becomes possible to gain insights into user behavior across different devices and to personalize user experiences based on device-specific data.

In summary, integrating authentication sessions with device sessions can provide significant benefits in terms of user experience, security, access control, and analytics. By enabling users to link their devices to their accounts, applications can improve the user experience while also enhancing security and providing more granular control over user access.


Streambird DeviceSense provides a reliable and secure way to identify devices or web visitors accurately, ensuring seamless identification and traffic shaping for your application.

Whether you are building a web or mobile app, Streambird DeviceSense’s comprehensive device identification services allow you to accurately identify and track devices used to access your application, making it easy to take action based on that information. With our customizable tools, stable device fingerprints, and seamless integration with JavaScript and mobile SDKs, Streambird DeviceSense is the ideal solution for fine-grained traffic shaping and device identification.