Streambird Connect is a developers-friendly and secure Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for Web3 applications that simplifies the process of building, running, and scaling dApps. It provides a unified SDK for secure and seamless Web3 experiences with multi-chain and cross-dApp support.

How it works

Streambird Connect is a comprehensive authentication SDK that simplifies the process of connecting, authenticating, and managing users for Web3 applications with existing wallets. It offers a range of features, including multi-chain support, customizable authentication modal, user management, advanced security, and analytics.

Streambird Connect provides a multi-chain wallet adapter for developers who only require wallet functionality. It supports a wide range of chains, including Ethereum, EVM compatible chains, Solana, Flow, Starknet, and Algorand (many more coming soon!).

The platform is highly customizable, allowing developers to control the look and feel of the authentication modal to match their application’s branding.

Streambird Connect is built on top of popular open-source libraries such as ethers.js and Solana web3js. It generates nonces, follows SIWE guidelines, and sends back easy-to-work-with session JWTs or session token. These session tokens simplify the setup complexity of authentication, allowing developers to focus on building their applications. Visit Session API to learn more about sessions provided by the Streambird Authentication platform.

Streambird Connect offers a complete user management system and mini Web3-CRM or CDP (Customer Data Platform) that developers can access through a user-friendly interface or a set of robust APIs. The platform prioritizes security and implements advanced measures to guarantee the protection and confidentiality of user data.

Finally, Streambird Connect aims to support all wallets across all chains, including web, injected, smart contract, hardware, mobile, desktop, and others. This makes it a simple solution for developers to implement authentication for Web3 applications without worrying about the complexity of wallet support.

Try Streambird Connect Preview

Streambird Connect SSO is under Public Preview and not yet available for production use. You can try the preview version here. We would love your feedback!